Magnesium Anodes are used to provide cathodic protection of gas, oil and water pipes, propane tanks and other such structures.  We specialize in cast anodes but we also supply extruded anodes for use on pipelines and water heaters. We supply D, S and R-Shaped Cast Magnesium Anodes of both High Potential and Regular Potential (AZ 63 / H-1) alloys in sizes ranging from 1 to 60 pounds.  Drive-in anodes, condenser anodes and magnesium ribbon are also available.


Newport Metals is the exclusive North American distributor of cast magnesium anodes produced by Shanxi Wenxi Yinguang Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd., based in Shanxi Province, China. Wenxi Yinguang is one of the world’s largest primary magnesium producers with annual output of 50,000 metric tons per year.  In addition to magnesium anodes, they sell pure and alloy magnesium ingots, diecastings, extrusion billets, extrusions, continuous-cast magnesium alloy sheet, and stampings made from magnesium alloy sheet.

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